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Adapting and collaborating

Hi everyone, hope you are all well and I was going to say adjusted to this new way of living through a pandemic but it appears the adjustments to the way we live are going to be ongoing for quite a while yet. I have had to adjust to Zoom meetings - something I absolutely dreaded the idea of but it’s amazing how we do adapt so quickly and now I found it is possible to make new friends and have good communication via a screen! This brings me on to live online workshops, something I don't personally feel experienced enough with as a way of carrying out workshops as yet - it needs quite a lot of planning and...

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Felting Wools, Processes & Terminology

Hi everyone.  I was remembering how confusing it was for me when I first started needle felting six years ago.  Roving, Tops, Carded, Locks, Merino, etc and I had no real idea of what any of them were!  This meant I ended up learning by my (expensive) mistakes.  Sooo I have put together a guide for you lovely lot in the hope that it will help.  It is by no means a definitive list, it just deals with the wools I now use and how I use them. -BREEDS OF SHEEP- Different breeds of sheep produce different thickness (micron) of wool. As a general rule:- MERINO sheep give fine wool - good for adding fine detail but for needle felting...

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