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Needle Felting Tool Kit

Needle Felting Tool Kit

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The perfect needle felting tools starter set 


  • A set of six felting needles, coarse, medium and fine - all the sizes a beginner needs to experiment on different types of wool and at different stages of your work (ie start with coarse needle and change down as your work firms up)
  • A wooden needle holder/handle (makes if more comfortable to hold your needle whilst felting
  • A pair of leather finger protectors (use on thumb and finger on the hand you hold your work with)
  • An awl (lots of uses including making holes to insert eyes into your makes, brushing out, removing pieces - use this rather than risk breaking your needle
  • A guide we have written to explain what everything is and what to use it for
  • All items in this set are also available to purchase separately
  • Watch a video demo of how to use the tools here  DOUBLE CLICK TO WATCH ON FULL SCREEN:-