*NEW COLOURS* The Skin Tones Collection - Carded New Zealand Wool DHG 'Maori' Batts

*NEW COLOURS* The Skin Tones Collection - Carded New Zealand Wool DHG 'Maori' Batts

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  • The Skin Tones Collection of 12 subtle harmonising colours of Carded New Zealand wool from DHG of Tuscany's fabulous 'Maori' range

  • Contains Acacia, Cherry Blossom, Chocolate, Cocoa , Earth, Etoile, Hollyhock, Ivory, Nut, Sand, Shell and Siena

  • The Mini Collection contains approx 5g of each of the 12 colours, the regular Collection contains 20g of each of the 12 colours

  • Approximately 27 microns with short fibres 

  • Perfect for needle felting dolls and animals

  • The choice of many 2d needle felting picture artists; as listed in Dani Ives' amazing book 'Painting With Wool' which is available to purchase from our Felting Tools & Accessories section.

  • Suitable for needle felting, wet felting and spinning 

For 2d flat work we can highly recommend our Picture Pal extra firm all wool sustainable felting pad which will keep your work completely flat as you felt

Tip - for 3d felting use some of our economical natural carded Corriedale sliver for the core of your 3d piece then use these beautiful range of colours as a top coat

These wools are carefully selected to ensure constant quality over time. All lots are MULESING FREE. The dyeing complies with Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and is done in DHG's dyeing house which is GOTS 5.0 and GRS certified.

*** These wools are washed before carding. Yet vegetable matter cannot be completely removed.

Colours may differ slightly from picture on screen.  We do have colour sample cards available to purchase here